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Beyond ‘Moneyball’: Rapidly evolving world of sports analytics, Part I

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Understanding Sports Analytics

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Sports analytics for professional speed skating

Basketball analytics using motion tracking data.

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Decision-making in the National Basketball Association

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Football in the Age of Analytics



Meta-Analytics: Tools for Understanding the Statistical Properties of Sports Metrics.

World Cup 2014 in the Twitter World: A big data analysis of sentiments in U.S. sports fans’ tweets

An unbiased, backtested algorithmic system for drafts, trades and free agency that outperforms human front offices. 

Predicting Basketball Possession Outcomes

Designing a volleyball game analysis decision-support tool using big data

Assessing the offensive productivity of NHL players using in-game win probabilities

Automated story selection for color commentary in sports

MatchVis: A generalized visual multi-scale analysis framework for competitive sports

Knowledge-Assisted Ranking: A Visual Analytic Application for Sport Event Data

Computer graphics in sport

Enterprise Systems and Data Analytics: A Fantasy Football Case Study.



Careers in Sports Analytics

What’s the Deal With Algorithms?



The Sabermetric Revolution: Assessing the Growth of Analytics in Baseball

Baseball4D: A tool for baseball game reconstruction & visualization

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Dynamic Pricing Strategies on MLB Single-Game Ticket Revenue



Association Football Scores and Inefficiencies in the Football Betting

Using ELO ratings for match result prediction in association football

A Bayesian network model for forecasting Association Football match outcomes

How to use Opta Chalkboards to analyze the Women’s World Cup.



Visualizations for Exploration of American Football Season and Play Data



Acceleration in the NBA: Towards an Algorithmic Taxonomy of Basketball Plays

Stephen Curry and shot selection. 

BKViz: A Basketball Visual Analysis Tool

Counterpoints: Advanced Defensive Metrics for NBA Basketball

Modeling and forecasting the outcomes of NBA basketball games

Learning Stochastic Models for Basketball Substitutions from Play-by-Play Data

Exploring chance in NCAA basketball



Designing for Insight: A Case Study from Tennis Player Analysis